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Loss Adjusters – Working to gain you a successful settlement

Public Loss Adjusters

What is a Loss Adjuster?

A Loss Adjusting company are professionals that work with your builders and your insurance company on your behalf. We work with your insurance company and usually the insurance company’s own loss adjusting company to ensure that you get your full entitlement and make sure you have an easy stress free process.

How do Loss Adjusters work?

A loss adjuster works by mediating between you and your insurance company, but remember your loss adjuster only works on YOUR behalf. They will keep a record of your claim whilst also keep records of meetings that your insurer has had with your loss adjuster and, keep you informed throughout the whole processes.

What should you do when claiming for property damages?

  • Collect all relevant details regarding damages.
  • Ring your insurer as soon as possible.
  • Carefully explain what has happened and how the damages occurred. Remember if you don’t know, DON’T make it up just explain you are not sure.
  • Contact a Loss Adjusting Firm to represent you.
  • Remember to take pictures of all damages to structure and damages to all items and then make sure everything is written down with as much detail as possible.
  • An Assessor will come and assess the damages to your property.
  • Once the assessor arrives at your property, you can discuss the whole process and how your claim will be handled.
  • Whilst you claim is being processed your personal loss adjuster will keep in contact with updates regarding your claim and settlement result.
  • They will then negotiate with your insurer ensuring you get the correct cost of damages and starting the first steps of your restoration.
  • You then have to wait fir you settlement to be agreed.
  • Finally your property will be fully restored by our expert team of contractors.

Why contact a Loss Adjuster?

  • When you hire a loss adjuster they work solely for you and not on behalf of the insurance company.
  • A Skilled claims handler will check all aspects of your policy ensuring you get your full entitlement.
  • An expert will look and make sure all damages adhere to all terms and conditions of your policy.
  • They will then make sure all cost are accounted for whilst making sure maximum pay out can cover all damages caused.
  • Loss Adjusters will make sure all items that should be included in your claim have been.
  • Due to being and Independent Company, they will not reduce your pay out.

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Professional Kitchen Suppliers Near You | Elite Trades

Kitchen Fitters

Would you like a new, fully featured kitchen with a modern finish? If so, Elite Trades can help you find the right company who can supply kitchen fittings in your local area. Offering showrooms which you can visit to find your dream kitchen, kitchen suppliers can perform around your lifestyle to fit your kitchen at a time which best suits you.

Our online business directory makes it easier than ever to find local kitchen Fitters near you. All you need to do is simply search for your location and pick which category of trade you would like, click the search button and you will automatically be shown the relevant companies. Here at Elite Trades, we only show two businesses for each specific local area. This ensures that you won’t be overwhelmed by too many businesses fighting for your custom, who may not be the best company for you or even supply the services you want or need.

We ensure that all of the businesses listed on our directory deliver the service in which they promise. Our online review system even reflects this as these reviews are left by customers exactly like you. We have over 200 local areas to choose from on our directory, so you can be guaranteed to find the right business for you who can perform the jobs you require to a high standard, no matter where you are in the UK.

Offering showrooms to browse around to find your ideal kitchen, our listed kitchen suppliers are here to help you choose the right design for all of your wants and needs and fit this to a high quality at a competitive price. There really is no other place other than Elite Trades – find your dream kitchen today!

Visit today to find your perfect kitchen suppliers.



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Professional Photographers Blackpool

Wedding Photography Blackpool

Would you like a photographer to capture all the special moments of your event? Whether it be a wedding, birthday, christening or something else, photographers Blackpool are able to make the day or night a special one by providing you with professional and outstanding photographs for you to cherish for many years to come.

On a tight budget? No need to panic. Many photographers provide their services at an affordable and competitive price. This doesn’t mean compromising on quality, though. These photographers have many excellent reviews from previous, new and returning customers who regularly recommend their services to their friends and family.

A true photographer has three main objectives which they like to shine through each of their projects; love, fun and style:

  • Love – at a wedding, it is important to capture the true essence and aura of the couple. This is why photographers Blackpool are always committed to providing natural photographs of two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together, surrounded by all of the people most important to them.
  • Fun – whether you are on the hunt for a traditional or modern wedding, it is still important that it is a fun and memorable experience which you can remember for the rest of your lives.
  • Style – the true meaning to a photograph is through its style. Whether your wedding contains a modern photo-booth with fun props or just a simple traditional photographer on their own, photographers adapt to your needs in order to supply you with the style you want to portray in your photos.

With both flair and skill, you can be sure that you will receive inspiring and delightful images which you will be able to show to all your friends and family. Why settle for less when you deserve more? Contact photographers Blackpool and book in advance.…

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Professional Roofing Contractors | Found at Elite Trades

Local Roofing Contractors

Are you a nationwide roofing contractors? Or are you a local skilled roofer? If so, think to yourself: how well known is your business online? Do you want to be one of the first results that people see on Google when they are looking for a roofer in your area? If yes, get your listing now on the brand new Elite Trades for only £199 per year.

Sign up to our £75 a month SEO Package and you’ll receive all the fantastic perks of SEO for your roofing company online.

Elite Trades listing will also help to enhance any roofing companies’ or roofing contractors’ SEO and position on Google. This is because the more high quality links you h
ave, the more legitimate you appear in terms of Google’s trust in your website – this tells them you’re not just spam.

Additionally, we only offer three places for  roofing contractors for each area on Elite Trades – unlike all the other main directories, you won’t be competing against up to 50 different roofing contractors in your area, and you will just be competing with one other.

Moreover, you will receive a free write up about your company informing any future customers of your services, length of trading as a roofer and any other further information you wish for us to mention. Also, any customer feedback that you may have can be included on your profile. This will help customers to choose you instead of the other company listed for your area.

If you are a professional roofing company or roofing contractors and want a free directory listing on a brand new roofing directory in order to boost your ranking on Google, or maybe just to support and work along your website, contact us to discuss the SEO Package. As soon as you have agreed and paid for your SEO, your Elite Trades listing will be inserted into your area of choice.

Visit today to find your perfect roofer.…

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ProBuild Fire & Flood Restoration

Probuild Contractors Network

ProBuild are a nationwide network of building repair specialists, covering all areas throughout the UK. We have worked alongside a major loss adjusting company for many years to ensure that your needs are put before anything else.

We specialise in fire and flood restoration as well as escape of water, storm, impact, theft and subsidence damage repair. Our team of experts are here to minimise any inconvenience caused when a disaster strikes in your home or business property whilst also ensuring that the work we do is completed to the highest standards.

When your property has suffered from an unfortunate event, many insurance companies ask the policyholder to obtain estimates from local builders on their behalf for the costs to repair the damage. The main worry, however, is do they have experience in dealing with disastrous events such as fires and floods?

Our qualified fire and flProBuild logoood restoration specialists know exactly what to look for and how to identify any secondary damage which may not be immediately visible. This ensures that your insurer will be informed the full extent of any damage which will then reflect on the overall cost of restoring your property back to its pre-loss condition.

We are here to assist you through the whole property reinstatement process whilst ensuring you receive your full entitlement under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. We have very strict standards of quality, performance, customer care and health and safety procedures. All of our work is carried out and completed by fully qualified tradesmen, who each understand the importance of our traits.

Our main aim is to return your home or business property back to its original state before the disaster struck. We do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst also ensuring that you are treated with great care at all times.…

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Public Loss Adjusters Ireland – Expert Claims Handlers

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland

Have you suffered from property damage in Ireland? Maybe it’s a floods caused by heavy rain downfall? Maybe its damage caused by an accidental fire? Or maybe your property has been damaged by another type of damage such as a storm or impact? Irrelevant of what type of property damage you are experiencing, Public Loss Adjusters Ireland has the professionals you need in terms of claiming in a successful manner for property damages.

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland are claims professionals that have decades of experience in handling claims and converting them into a positive result for the claimer. Our Loss Adjusting experts do this through the use of their experience and insurance property claims knowledge of how to gain a successful claim.

If you choose Public Loss Adjusters Ireland to oversee your property damage claim, our specialist loss adjusters will initially take your details and a brief description of your specific circumstances in terms of property damage, during the original phone call. This allows us to gain a basic and starting point of what will be the best strategy to deal with your claim, in terms of doing the correct and need procedures to gain you a positive result at the end of your claiming process.

Moreover, our insurance claims management personnel will do a thorough study of every inch of your policy and ensure that everything we know is vital towards the desired result for you, is included in the correct and accurate way.

During the policy examination, the nominated loss adjuster that is dealing with your specific claim will look out for many points, but will look mainly for four points that are necessary to boost your chances of a positive claim massively.

We will look at first if your occurring property damage is actually covered under the terms and conditions of the policy you actually obtain, secondly they will check if everything that needs to be involved in the claims documentation has been done in the correct way, such as a list of damaged items. Then, they will make sure the cost of fees and also damage repair of your property fits below the maximum pay-out clause of your policy. Finally, the loss adjuster will make the amounts claimed for by you the claimer and the offering settlement amount from the insurer are fair and accurate.

If any of the spoken about checks above aren’t fully included in your policy terms and conditions, we can’t add them as you are only entitled to anything written up in your policy’s documents, however the loss adjuster will make a full judgement based on knowledge and ensure that you get everything that you are entitled to.

In conclusion, if you have suffered property damages in Ireland and need an independent loss adjuster to help you with the help and advice required to gain a successful claim, contact Public Loss Adjusters Ireland today.

To visit our new, recently developed website, use the following link –

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Public Loss Adjusters – Insurance Claims Management

Public Loss Adjusters

Here at Public Loss Adjusters, we have an outstanding relationship with many of the UK’s leading restoration companies which enables us to provide our insurance claims management service at no cost to you.

By appointing us to handle your claim, we will act as your professional advisors and productively manage all aspects of the claims process, preserving your best interests at all times. We will actively make sure that you receive 100% of your full entitlement at the end settlement.

Instead of working for your insurer, we work entirely on YOUR behalf. We cover all aspects of property insurance claims, specialising in multiple areas of the commercial and doPLA logomestic claims history. We have specialist claims advisors who have a wealth of experience in dealing with many claims on a daily basis.

We know that each claim is different from the next, which is why each claim is dealt with respectively of the situation in hand. One thing does stay the same though, and that is our commitment to you the policyholder when ensuring that your property is repaired to the highest standard and that you receive only the best help and advice in the insurance claims management process.

We offer a complete comprehensive loss adjusting service, providing helpful assistance when you experience a fire, flood, escape of water, theft, subsidence or impact damage event in your property. Appointing us will ensure that your claim is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Ensuring that you receive your full entitlement under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, the contractors on our network don’t work on a pre-arranged rates basis. Instead, they work on your behalf alongside our appointed loss adjuster and surveyor – leaving you with a free service as they will pay us your management fee.

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